Frameworks of Choice


Framwork of choice-couverture

Frameworks of Choice
Predictive and Genetic Testing in Asia

édité par Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner

2010, Amsterdam University Press

Frameworks of Choice explores original theoretical analyses of the cultural and political dimensions of predictive and genetic testing. The volume analyses the social, cultural, political and economic environment of choices that people have before and after they undergo a genetic or predictive test. These frameworks of choice also shed light on the different test options of people in developing countries and affluent welfare societies, explaining the so‐called therapeutic gap occurring when no therapies are available after diagnosis.

Margaret Sleeboom‐Faulkner provides a sensitive understanding of the stakes in genetic testing of various socio‐economic and political groups, including governments, ethnic groups, women, patient groups, insurance companies, pharmaceutical industry and scientists. She uses methods and perspectives from social anthropology, sociology, law, politics, and bioethics when relating genetic and predictive testing to issues of conflict such as poverty, discrimination, biomedical exploitation, the distribution of health care resources, and nationalism.

The insights yielded by the various chapters can be used in the creation of new regulatory infrastructures for predictive and genetic testing and for dealing with bioethical problems related to genetic testing, such as ‘the right not to know’, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality.

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